South Seas Whaling

South Sea Whaling




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This artwork is created in a time of loathing by most of the whaling industry as it moved into the 20th century industrialization of the killing. It is made to represent an industry from the early 1800 which spanned the planet, create many of our modern outcomes and was a very adventurous, dangerous vocation which cost many lives of those trying to make their way in life. The image is a mash I have made from an original, first presented as well as I can make out in the late 1700s! It has since been used to inspire at least two other versions and I have, to the best of my ability, represented those artists around the original title shown at the lower left of the field. I have recreated it it with changes in the same intent of the changes that have gone before mine. The work is referencing specifically the whaling fishery of these South Seas and I have taken the liberty of changing the style, adding colour and a distressed old paper stock background. Kororareka and "The Duke" are also referenced, so the viewer/purchaser is also clear that the work is a modern reimagining rather than an antique. The work is produced by me, individually to purchase and signed with chromium, long life inks on high quality rag paper which are recognized as museum and archival quality.

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All works printed by the artist on Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper and K3 Archival Inks.